making cupcakes

making cupcakes

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after seeing the cupcake birthday party package, the girls were inspired!
they thought they should have some real cupcakes – with chocolate icing! i let the girls do everything but the eggs… i’m a little untrusting still to let them do the eggs themselves.



I’ve changed my blog over to blogger. You can find me here now

Hope to see you there!

Thank Goodness for Pilates!

Wow what a snow storm we just had on Friday and Saturday! Unbelievable the amount of snow we got. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen this much snow!

Of course, Ian is away and missing all this snow, and missing with the shoveling of the driveway! That means that I had to do it. And I tell you, I think I did a damned good job!  It took me almost 3 hours, and our 2 car driveway is now about 1 and a half but hey.. it’s done! And really there is no where else to put the snow! I actually felt pretty good getting the driveway done by myself.. my pilates that I’ve been doing about 3 times a week, definately paid off today! I could tell that my core and back muscles were much stronger then the beginning of the winter. Of course, I’m sure later I will be feeling the hurt! I was so hot and sweaty while I was out there too, that now I have the chills and can’t seem to warm up! Even after a hot shower and some tea.  Definitely staying in the rest of the day and bundling up with a sweater and a blanket! 🙂

Rebekah did come out and shovel for a bit. She got the front walk all cleared, but I sent her in after that, since it was pretty cold, and she really didn’t know where to start! Emma came out to for a bit, and chipped off some ice on the SUV but she got cold fast and went in. Meghan got out of helping because she is at a sleepover with her friend.

Here’s some pictures that I took before I did the driveway and after. ( this is so I can guilt Ian after! hahaha! )










Meghan’s Hair and Makeup Session

We had a hair and makeup session on Saturday for Meghan’s competitive dance class.  Lot of work, and it seems like so much, but she looked adorable! The full effect will be so much better too when she’s in her costume and dancing on stage! I can’t wait. They have their first competition of the year in Peterborough at the end of March.



Doesn’t her hair look great? That’s a real hairpiece matched to her hair perfectly! And we take good care of that thing…. that’s an $80 piece on her head!  And yes they wear fake eyelashes as well. She’s not to fond of that part though, because they are heavy and a little hard to see.  Oh and the taking off of the makeup, not exactly her favourite thing either!

In other news, both Emma and Rebekah have some pretty nasty colds. 😦 Ian is maybe heading to Germany this month.. during March Break of course!

I had my first Stampin Up workshop on Friday. We had lots of fun, and I’m really excited for my next one.

Piggy-Tails is doing well. I had another custom order this weekend, and will be adding some more cards right after I’m done with this post!


Got a chance to go and do some stamping with a new friend Tuesday and had a great time!

Making some cards, chatting, no phones, no tv, no computers…. just a good relaxing time. I really find stamping cards very relaxing and therapeutic.

Monica is also a fellow etsy seller. She sells these cute little toddler leg warmers, called Monkey Legs. Check out her etsy shop.

I have my first workshop on Friday. I’m feeling a little nervous but really looking forward to it!

Here are some of the cards that I did.




Don’t forget to check out Piggy-Tails , I have some new cards!

My new Stampin Up website

here it is!

An update

Not to much new to report since the lost tooth:) Emma did wake up to a visit from the tooth fairy and a twoonie replacing her tooth! She was thrilled.

Meghan had a sleep over at her dance studio last Saturday.. she had a great time!

Rebekah has started her second semester and is really enjoying her dance class.

Ian is back from Portugal and is working hard upstairs. He’s getting pretty used to working from home, and I’m getting used to having him here!  Not sure when his next trip will be.

Piggy-Tails is going well, and I’ve met quite a few great ladies on the etsy site.

I also have some news that I’m excited to share. I’ve become a Stampin Up demonstrator! Now I get to bring my love of scrapbooking and card making to people’s homes! It’s going to be great fun, and I’m really looking forward to it. I have my first workshop at my home on the 29th. So if you live close, email me and I’ll give you details. Or for those of you who don’t live nearby but would like to order something , just email me and let me know! 🙂

You can check out the website here

Oh and we never did get around to making that carrot dip last weekend.. just got to busy! We will try again this weekend. The girls want to try it!