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A Great Day post

Well normally on Thursday’s I post something food related and today is no different really, but with more! Last Sunday was Father’s Day and we decided (since it wasn’t raining!) to head downtown to the Byward Market. It had been awhile since we’ve been down and we always love looking at the booths and of course all the local fruits and veggies we can get! Unfortunately Rebekah wasn’t able to join us, as she had to stay home and study for exams, so Ian, Meghan, Emma and I headed out!

Once we got down there, we just browsed around for a bit, checked out the booths. Emma bought a cute little wooden and felt heart ponytail holder. Meghan bought herself a sweet little “I love Dance” necklace.

It didn’t take long for Emma to start complaining that she was hungry, that kid is always hungry! I love to go out to eat in the Market.. so many choices! It was a beautiful sunny day too, so we wanted to eat on a patio. We ended up at the CornerStone Grill. We’ve eaten there before and enjoyed it. This time was no different.. it was a great way to spend some time soaking up the sun (well maybe it was a little to hot! no shade:( ). The girls shared a plate of nachos which was huge so we got to enjoy some as well.

Ian had a Chicken red curry Rice Bowl

I had a Jerk Chicken wrap with salad. YUM!

But the best part was our White Wine Sangria. It was delicious and a perfect drink for an early patio lunch.

Had some fun with the camera and the kids while we waited

Once lunch was over, we headed over towards the Parliament building and the canal. The girls ran all over the park, a drummer group was in the park practicing so we even had some music background! 🙂

Classic kids…

As you can see from the rest of the photos.. our nice day wasn’t remaining so nice….

And then the RAIN came…. boy did it pour! But we were having such a great time that we just didn’t care! We enjoyed running around in the rain. Went back into the market area, and Ian picked out his Father’s Day steaks at the butcher shop ( which he didn’t get to eat that night because it was just raining to hard to grill) and then we picked up our fruits and veggies, and I also picked up some more herbs to plant.

I took the last photo while waiting outside when Ian was picking out his meats ( Meghan doesn’t like going into butcher shops… surprise, surprise from the vegetarian!) This is the fish market restaurant corner and I was hoping I could capture the rain.. but wasn’t very successful.

After that.. we went home. 🙂


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