Monday – Dancing and Tea Towels

My daughters Meghan and Emma have been busy all year with dance and next weekend they finally get to do their recital. Last weekend they had photographers come in and do their photos, but (since I think I take better photos of my children..;) ) I had to get some of my own while they were all dressed in their costumes and makeup and hair and we waited for their turn. I love the way that they turned out!

Trying a new format for sharing my etsy favourites with you. Let me know if you like it or not.

This week I’m really into linen tea towels. Actually, really, I just love anything with a nice pattern on it. I love patterns! I am working on developing some of my own patterns soon. But in the mean time, I love these and they would look great in my kitchen!

1. set of 4 screen printed napkins by Michelle Brusegaard

2. mugs in blueberry – Skinnylaminx

3. chocolate linen towel – Margot Bianca


2 Responses

  1. THe girls are gorgeous!!!!

    and yes i love the towels! great picks!

  2. LOVE LOVE those photos of the girls, they are so dang pretty!

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