Thursday in the Kitchen

We watched the movie The Namesake Tuesday night that had me craving for Indian food. So Wednesday morning I headed to the grocery store with this menu in mind.

Naan Bread

Keemo Samosas (chicken curry)

Lentil Soup

Homemade mango chutney

All the recipes came from my Weight Watchers recipe book so it was easy for me to keep track of my points (yes I’m on ww) except for the Lentil Soup which I got at

First off I made the naan bread and set aside to rise… .which it didn’t really, and the final results of that was not very good, so next time I’ll just buy it! haha

I then made the mango chutney. Well I didn’t realize that peeling and pitting a mango was going to be so difficult! I did find a great tutorial here that was a big help.

Lots of great things in this recipe.. raisins, apricots, currents, onions, lime, ginger….

the end result was great! And I did my first attempt at canning since it made such a large batch! I got 2 full jars canned.

Next on the list was my Keemo (chicken curry) samosas. DELICIOUS!!! It made a ton too, so I’ll be having some for lunch and I froze the rest.

these were baked and not fried.. much better on the waist line! Add some mango chutney to it…

I didn’t get a photo of the lentil soup.. but I wasn’t really crazy about it. Ian liked it though!

All in all it was a great dinner!

In the spirit of being in the kitchen, here are some great Etsy shops.

Mmm these Indian spices look great! You can get them at Purpose Design’s Etsy shop. She has a wonderful array of spices!

Green curry spices.. YUM! Find it in Emburke’s etsy shop.

In the spirit of Indian food here’s another great shop. This is a Subji Masala spice blend that you can get in Ohmasala’s Etsy shop

I hope this post gets you inspired to do some creating in the kitchen today.


8 Responses

  1. all that looks yummy! will have to make it sometime. ilove those spices in the metal jars…have thought about getting something like that. cool!!!

  2. oh so so so so yummy…….now I am hungry. hahaha!

  3. Found you in the Etsy Forums- stopping by to say hello!!

  4. Thanks for all of the info. Baked samosas, now that is smart. You have a great blog.

  5. Thanks for the link to my post on How to Cut a Mango. I have tons more photo-tutorials and videos as well!

  6. oh my! The samosas look so delicious!!!

  7. Yum! I made a decent curry chicken the other night. Too bad none of my guys are crazy about curry.

  8. Hey! Thank you so much for featuring a recipe using the Green Thai spice! I really appreciate it. Now I’ll have to try out your recipes!


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