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Dance Competition

We are back from Meghan’s first dance competition in Peterborough. She had a great time and did great! I was so proud of her. It’s always nerve wracking seeing someone perform on stage, hoping that nothing goes wrong! This was her first time in front of a live audience so I was nervous for her! She said she had some butterflies while they were waiting to go on, but once the music started .. all was good! She was just dancing with her friends.. something that makes her really happy and it totally showed on stage!

There number came in first with an emerald (second highest score marking) award in their division. And second overall in all the different categories in their age group! SUper! Really the whole Elite dance studio did really well.

I didn’t take any photos during the actual show, but got some before hand. Also we couldn’t take a video during the show but Ian filmed the rehearsal. Once I figure out how to post that here I will.







This one is a photo we bought at the competition from MediaRX. It was a perfect shot of Meghan during her performance. We bought an 8×10 and framed it for her. Here’s a scanned version.



7 Responses

  1. AWE! look at her…WOW! she is so cute in her dancing outfit…so nice! CONGRATS to her & her group, too! Love the makeup & jewels…great pics!!!

  2. MAN, this brought back memories. I danced competitively for a long time and LOVED going to competitions! There was something so fulfilling about dancing in front of people.

    Your daughter looks like she loves it, too.

  3. Absolutely gorgeaou!!!!
    She looks so grown up, compared to everyday… obviously. But boy oh boy do you and Hubby have your hands full with 3 beautiful daughters!

  4. editing to apologize for quick fingers…..

  5. Very nice photos!! Great job

  6. I am glad to congratulate your daughter. Hope she deserves a lot in dancing

    You can also find more Dance competitions here in this link

  7. Hi Sara and clan! Ian sent me some links to your blog a while ago but I just finally got round to checking it out. LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!!! Wish I had known about it while you were still here. (Any chance you want to do a “stampin’ up” workshop in Budapest?… 🙂 … can’t offer you a flight but would be happy to put you all up!). The girls are looking so grown up, and they really seem to be thriving back home in Canada. I’m so pleased to see how happy they look! Big hugs to them, especially Meghan, and keep in touch!

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