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Thank Goodness for Pilates!

Wow what a snow storm we just had on Friday and Saturday! Unbelievable the amount of snow we got. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen this much snow!

Of course, Ian is away and missing all this snow, and missing with the shoveling of the driveway! That means that I had to do it. And I tell you, I think I did a damned good job!ย  It took me almost 3 hours, and our 2 car driveway is now about 1 and a half but hey.. it’s done! And really there is no where else to put the snow! I actually felt pretty good getting the driveway done by myself.. my pilates that I’ve been doing about 3 times a week, definately paid off today! I could tell that my core and back muscles were much stronger then the beginning of the winter. Of course, I’m sure later I will be feeling the hurt! I was so hot and sweaty while I was out there too, that now I have the chills and can’t seem to warm up! Even after a hot shower and some tea.ย  Definitely staying in the rest of the day and bundling up with a sweater and a blanket! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rebekah did come out and shovel for a bit. She got the front walk all cleared, but I sent her in after that, since it was pretty cold, and she really didn’t know where to start! Emma came out to for a bit, and chipped off some ice on the SUV but she got cold fast and went in. Meghan got out of helping because she is at a sleepover with her friend.

Here’s some pictures that I took before I did the driveway and after. ( this is so I can guilt Ian after! hahaha! )











2 Responses

  1. MY GOSH!!!
    that is INSANE girl! WOW! i can’t believe the amount of snow you have to live w/ this time of season. i would go insane!! SERIOUSLY WOW!!! you should just move back here to VA ๐Ÿ™‚ then you wouldn’t have to shovel…hehehee! LOVE THE PICS!!

  2. Great job Sara!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure glad that didn’t come our way, especially the way Dad and I are feeling! I think you deserve a day at the spa for a job well done – hint, hint, Ian!!!!!!

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