Wind Storm

We’ve been having some strange weather this week! Warm, extremely foggy ( so much so that it’s been quite creepy!) and yesterday huge gusts of wind!

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here at my computer when all of a sudden Anna just started barking like crazy. I go to see what in the world she’s barking at, and she was at the patio door just going crazy! Here, the neighbours tree had come crashing down through the fence into our backyard! Crazy! I felt bad for the neighbours yesterday because not only was their tree down, but they had been losing roof shingles all day! Their house was really affected by the wind. I’m sure it wasn’t the homecoming they were expecting after a day at work!

Ian took some photos of the event





And here are some of my latest layouts that I’ve been working on.





2 Responses

  1. wow!!!! glad everyone is safe!!!!
    and great photos ian!

  2. WOW, that’s just horrible. glad it didn’t hit your house!!

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