We have Snow and Lots of It!

Wow! December came in with a bang and brought a ton of snow with it!
We are embracing it though this year,and the whole family got suited up with brand new downhill skis and Rebekah with a snowboard.
We enjoyed our first outing at Calabogie Peaks ,where we have a season pass, on Friday, as Meghan and Emma had a PTA day. Unfortunately Rebekah was not able to join us, since she had school, but later that night and tonight she has gone snowboarding at a closer hill with some friends.
Ian is off to Malaysia today. It takes 2 days to get there, and then he turns around and will be home on Friday. A long and exhausting trip for him. We’re bummed though since we all had tickets to go see the Nutcracker Ballet at the NCC on Sunday, and now he won’t be able to join us.
I’m getting a slow start on xmas cards, but I’m determined to make as many as I can. It’s going to be one busy week of scrapping, school and work, and kids school and activities while Ian is away.




2 Responses

  1. WOW…your snowmen layout is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Hey there Sara!!
    So nice to hear from you on my layout at 2Peas.
    Lots of snow huh? Us too!! Good thing the kids love it! I think after 10 years of this cold I’m ready for a bit of a change though.
    Hope you’re doing well (it’s been waaaaay too long since we last chatted).

    Take care,

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