For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started working part time from home (which is perfect!) for a new website rimrocked . It’s going great and I would love for all you to check it out. It’s great for all you travel buffs out there, since at  rimrocked you can track, view and share your trips with family and friends.
I also had the opportunity to write a post on their blog .

Other than that, nothing much has been happening here. School is going great for the kids and for me. Meghan has joined the Competitive dance group, and is taking lessons in tap, jazz and ballet. She is loving every moment of it! Emma is also loving her jass/ballet class.
This year ( in the anticipation, and hoping for a snowy winter) we’ve purchased a season  pass at Calabogie Peaks .
Ian has been travelling quite a bit this month. A week in San Diego, and now since last week and for one more week he’s been in Dresden. When he’s away, I more or less just do my best to keep afloat, so that is why I’ve been slow on the updating of the blog.

I have been able to get some scrapping done though






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