Dresden on a Sunday

Well I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. But let’s just say that right now life is a little busy! Ian was in China for 3 weeks and I’ve been busy with school and house hunting!

I do have some photos to share from our day on Sunday. It takes forever to load so I’ll just upload a few pics here and there.
This first set of photos are taken at the Dresden Fortress Museum. An underground tunnel under the city. This is where they used to guard the city,and kept vigil over the bridge.
We got an english translation device to hear about the history and what not. You can tell who is like whom… Emma and I listened for about 1 second and then were like ..yeah whatever! haha But Ian and Meghan listened to the whole thing. In fact I think Meghan listened to it twice! She really enjoyed it.



even underground they had beautiful statues and architecture!


A window in the fortress overlooking the bridge. Just imagine guards and canons protecting the city from enemies.


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  1. oh wow. so amazing!!! and love that meghan listened to it all!!! so precious.

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