Feeling the Pain…

Ian and I joined a fitness gym on Saturday and I’m in a world of hurt! I’ve had a personal trainer show me the ropes and set up a workout routine for me. I start with a 10 min bike warm up, and then I do a bunch of different weight machines and end off with a 30 min cardio workout. Whew!
I’ve done this now for the last two nights, and today I’m definately feeling some major sore ness! But I am determined to loose some wieght and tone up, so I just need to ignore the pain and keep on trucking. I have got to stop with the excuses! Ian is really happy that we’ve found a gym and that he can start lifting weights again!

And of course here are a few more layouts to share




2 Responses

  1. love these pages! and, good for you, working out so hard!:)

  2. Sorry ’bout that…hit the wrong key.
    Love the pages and boy I wish I had the detirmination you and Ian had.

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