Sunday Drive

Well it’s almost a week later and I’m just now getting these photos uploaded but better late then never right? Last Sunday we took a drive out to Radebuel, this little town just outside of Dresden. We didn’t have a destination in mind, just driving around, but then we discovered a castle and winery that we haven’t been too. Now I don’t know the name if it, sorry, it was just a coincidence that we found it. We actaully didn’t get to the castle because we weren’t sure how to get up to the hill.



There was also a cute little park for the girls to play at






This is the view overlooking the town from the park


There was a cute little wine and cheese cafe. We didn’t go in though, it was a tad on the expensive side and not exactly for children!



There were stairs going up to the top of the hill, and maybe if it wasn’t so cold out and the kids weren’t with us we might have tried it. But for now a picture will have to do!


Ok and some of these buildings with the windows in the roof, really FREAK ME OUT! Don’t they just look like eyes staring at you??



2 Responses

  1. Oh my, that really does look like an eye! YIKES!!!!! Great photos though – the girls are getting so big!

  2. great pics sara. it looks so gorgeous there! and yes, those do look like eyes….very creepy, LOL!

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