Volleyball Tournament

This past weekend Rebekah played in a volleyball tournament here in Dresden. Their team came in first place for the 3rd year in a row.
After the tournament we had to take Rebekah to the hospital. Her arm was really swollen and all bruised. Turns out she bruised a muscle and now it’s wrapped up and she’s not to use it for atleast a week. If it’s swollen by the end of the week, we are to take her back. She was supposed to start swimming practise this week, but that will have to be postponed. Hopefully it will heal up quickly for her.



3 Responses

  1. Way to go Rebekah!!!! Poppa and I are proud of you. Take care of the arm. Love Nana

  2. Ouch! Poor young lady! Hope her arm heals as good as new. Our Volleyball season here doesn’t start until after the holidays…Poor Morgan is chomping at the bit to play. Congrats to Rebekah and her teammates on such a great season. 😉

  3. All right Rebekah -doing great at Volleyball & Drama! Keep it up – after your arm heals, of course. I guess that the next thing will be good news about your swimming! Enjoy whatever you do! Love……Gpa & Gma!

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