A day well spent!

I decided yesterday that housework could wait one more day and that scrapbooking was a priority! 🙂
And here are the results of a day well spent!





16 Responses

  1. so loving this! 🙂

  2. Really neat idea and great way to put family “in the box”

  3. Totally beautiful! Such a cool project!

  4. VERY cute! Great idea!

  5. you’re posted on Wendy Smedley’s blog… that’s how I found you. 🙂 Adorable album.. I especially love the buttons and flower on the cover!

  6. That is really adorable! Nice job! I really love it! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

  7. Completely adorable!

  8. This is perfect for what I was working on this weekend! Are those chipboard circles or just paper circles layered with pics and etc. Too cute! http://360.yahoo.com/denisebryant1989

  9. I am so loving this!! What a great idea!

  10. So talented! Love your work — will definitely be back to see more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Completely missed seeing this! Beautiful job Sara!

  12. sooo cool! ct

  13. WOW! That’s so amazing. That would make a great Grandparent gift!

  14. I love this! What a great gift idea!!! 🙂

  15. I am totally stealing this idea! I found round cans with magnets on the bottom at Target to use for this. Thanks a bunch.

  16. What a great project. It turned out beautiful!

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