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We’ve been busy!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been busy being a tour guide for my Mother and cousin Jane.
It’s been great having some family around and a little hectic as well.
Last Tuesday Mom and Jane arrived here in Dresden and Ian and I picked them up at the airport. We were only home for about an hour when I dragged them out on their first tram ride and went downtown to have lunch at my favorite Irish Pub for some fish and chips. After that I had to go and get my residency sticker added to my passport so I can live here for another 2 years and then we did a quick trip through the zwinger and I pointed out the opera house and a few other sites before we headed back home to pick up the girls.

On Wednesday I took Mom and Jane to the Moritzburg Castle. They had a really good time and it was a gorgeous day. We enjoyed lunch at the castle restaurant and then later stopped at a little cafe for a drink.


Thursday was another gorgeous day and it was spent at the Pillnitz Castle. Lots of walking! Again we enjoyed a lunch at the beer garden there and then had to rush home so I could make it to my teacher\parent conference.


Friday Meghan and Emma had off of school, Rebekah left for a volleyball tournament and Ian took the day of of work. Unfortunately the weather was crappy today. We took the family to Anna’s breeder and groomer to drop her off in a little town of Raitzen to stay for the day and get a much needed haircut.
We then went to Meissan where the plan was to check out the Porcelain Factory and then walk around the town and also see the castle. Unfortunately the weather was just a little to miserable and all we did was the factory.
We also had a little friend named Flat Stanley join us, as a favor for a friends kid’s school project in Richmond,Virginia.


My Mother bought a beautiful plate made from the famous Meissan Porcelain.


Saturday we were going to head to Konigstein Fortress but the weather was not looking all that great. So we bailed on that, and I took Mom and Jane downtown to check out the Dresden sites and Ian and the girls went swimming .


Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at La Campagnola to celebrate an early birthday for Emma as a family. Unfortunately Rebekah wasn’t able to make it due to her volleyball tournament, which went well.

Sunday Ian left for Richmond and we all spent a much needed day of relaxation at home. We went for a few walks but that’s about it.

Monday I took Mom and Jane for a full fun filled day of shopping!

Tuesday …. Happy Birthday Emma! And also picture day for the girls, so they were looking great in their new sweater and blouse.


Tuesday morning we went to the famous Pfand’s Dairy. You couldn’t take any photos inside, but Mom got one of the outside and if you look closely you can see all porcelain tiles that make up the walls and ceiling of the dairy.


After school Emma opened gifts and then went to Pizza Hut for dinner.


And then that leaves us to today. Mom and Jane are off on an adventure to Prague. I dropped them off at the train station very early this morning, since I had an education committee meeting at the school to attend to. I’m hoping that they got off ok, we did a little tour of the train station on Saturday, and they have their tickets so all should be fine! I was dissapointed that I couldn’t go with, but I’m glad that they went anyways and to enjoy the experience!


5 Responses

  1. great photos, cute girls! i would love to be a tour guide in a place like that! :>

  2. Wow you have been busy!! Sorry I didn’t to meet your Mom. Wendy and I head to Houston on Tuesday.

  3. Sara,

    Thanks for posting pictures of your Mom and Jane, my only two female first cousins. You have given them a wonderful holiday and have taken them to some of my favourite places in Dresden. Through your pictures and words, I have been walking with them around that beautiful city once again.

    Thank you also for your different references to castles in the area. We have never got to see any of them. Maybe next time!

  4. Love all the photos. What an awesome experience for your family & such a gorgeous plate your mom picked out. 🙂

  5. Sara,
    Thanks for taking care of Flat Stanley. Hope he wasn’t too much trouble! Robert was thrilled with the photos.

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