Dance Class

Meghan and Emma (and Rebekah is assisting the teacher) have started an english dance class here in Dresden. Yes you heard me right .. and english! One of the Mom’s who is a former ballroom dancer has opened up a studio here for the international kids. The girls love it! They had such a great time! Meghan of course followed instructions beautifully and shadowed the teacher in awe. And Emma I have discoverd, still sticks out her tongue whenever she does something!!! It’s hillarious! She did it as a baby and still is doing it!
Here’s some photos from Friday’s class.












8 Responses

  1. oh wow!!!!! beautiful photos!!!!!!! and of course beautiful girls!

  2. love the pics!!! the studio is beautiful!!

  3. What gorgeous pics!! And I’m so jealous of that awesome lighting – Avril’s studio has no windows so I don’t really bother with too many pics.

  4. Aw how cute is that!!! Love that first photo and look at their sweet little shoes… Oh, BTW do remember me? We met at SAG… are you going in Nov?

  5. Great photos!
    Love the one of their ballet slippers-someday these will be priceless!

  6. so sweet! great photos, love the one of them holding hands in a circle.

  7. Great to see the pics & we’re happy that you’ve found something for them to enjoy out of school. We’re not surprised about the actions of the girls – Meghan’s perfection & Emma’s tongue sticking out! It looks like they’re having lots of fun. The way the sunlight is shining on them makes the pics look really neat.

  8. i love these photos, sara!
    the girls are adorable and the lighting is gorgeous!

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