Dresden is 800 years old

That is truly amazing!
Dresden has been gearing up for this big celebration for it’s 800th year birthday. Saturday night there were fireworks, we didn’t go to see it but we could sure hear them! And Sunday there was a huge parade that went through downtown demonstrating all the era’s within the past 800 years here in Dresden.
We cycled down to see it, but there was just so many people that we really couldn’t get a good spot. Ian had both kids on his shoulders so they could see and I tried my best to get a few photos. Of course it was difficult and most of the time ended up with someone’s head in the way! But I did get a few to share. Only up to the 1800’s though, the parade was very long and the kids were getting ansty so we opted to leave early and beat the rush! Good thing too because not long after we got back it started to pour rain! And i’m sure cycling in the rain isn’t the greatest and my camera would’ve gotten wet!!!!



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  1. Congrats on getting any pics in that crowd! You did well to last that long with so many people. We’re anxious to see a pic of R with her “new hair”! Looked over your other entries too last night and glad to see that you are still able to get some scrapbooking in with the moving too.

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