Happy Birthday Rebekah and Ian!

Well it’s official, 13 years ago I gave birth to this lively, spirited, beautiful and smart girl. Where the time has gone, I have no idea but life sure is different. 13 years ago I was 18 years old, scared and alone and now I’m 31 years old, married to a wonderful man (who also happens to have the same birthday) and 2 other children, living in Germany!
I look back to the last 13 years and try to remember Rebekah in each phase of her life. And even though she is now an official teenager, and definately sometimes a pain in the you know what! , she still is that same little girl that I gave birth too and watched grow.
Happy Birthday Rebekah! I love you!
Happy Birthday Ian, the love of my life. I love you!

Rebekah sporting her new birthday tiara


Ian and Rebekah’s brownie cake. Neither of them like cake a whole lot and it would be me who would sit and eat all the leftovers so I thought brownies and ice cream would be a good solution! Of course there is some leftover brownies and we all know who’s going to eat them! I have no will power I tell you!


Love this photo! The expression on Rebekah’s face after her Father blows out all of the candles is priceless!


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