An Eventful Weekend

Well Saturday was a good day. And Sunday started off on the right foot but didn’t last long. Ian was taking the girls for a bike ride on Sunday and while he was getting ready Meghan and Emma took Anna outside to wait like they usually do. Well not sure on the details but something like Emma threw a ball and Anna took off to get it and pulled Meghan to hard in the process who came tumbling down on the driveway. Next thing I know there was a lot of screaming. We went outside and sure enough it looked like Meghan had broken something, so off to the hospital we went! Going to the German hospital is always lots of fun! Not many of the nurses speak english but atleast the Doctor did.
We were right and Meghan had broken her collar bone. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very clean break either with one bone facing up and another facing backwards, looks like a long healing process. Her shoulders are in a brace and we have to go back on Thursday to get it tightened. Poor sweet little girl, she was so upset that she broke a bone and that she isn’t able to ride her bike. Just as she was getting good at riding with only 2 wheels and able to start it off all by herself. It hasn’t dawned on her yet that she’s not going to be able to continue with her gymnastics either, I don’t have the heart to tell her yet.
I will let you know on Thursday how her doctor appointment went and hopefully there is some healing progress. I dont’ know how long she’ll be out of school either.


Monday was upload day at BusyBee I was really happy with my layouts for this months Design Team




4 Responses

  1. poor Meghan. she is so cute. i sure hope she heals w/ a quickness & the pain subsides! love the pages holmes 🙂

  2. Sure hope our little sweetheart heals quickly and that you get good news from the doctor. Your layout with Meghan is different and very pretty. Like the circle around your picture.

  3. So sorry for poor sweet little Meghan! I’m hoping she heals quickly! FABULOUS LOs, Sara! I LOVe them both so very much!

  4. OUCH – poor Meghan! ((((HUGS))))
    Lovin your layouts! No doubt you are pleased – they are awesome!!!

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