Fashion Show

On Sunday Meghan and Emma decided to put on a fashion show for us. It was so fun to watch them strut down the “runway”! We had music playing in the background, Rebekah videotaped and I took the pictures and Ian took care of wardrobe changes! The girls loved being in the limelight and watched the video as soon as we were done. I took 98 pictures! Of course many were blurry as the walked so fast down the runway! But I did get quite a few good ones. I need to do some editing on some, but here are few for you to see!





Img_2156 Rebekah the camera-woman





and for the grand finale



*thank-you to our sponsors United Colours of Benetton and Rebekah’s Too Small Clothes.


14 Responses

  1. lol. They are so cute! So many great photos to scrap!!!


  2. OMGosh how fun and what beauties.

  3. hehehe, Awesome! they are so darn cute…look at them strut their stuff. love it! fun pics!!

  4. Adorable, looks they were having a great time!

  5. oh my gracious!!!!!! how precious!!!!!!! i want one to scrap!

  6. hehe, too cute sara. ciera is so into this right now too…so funny!

  7. Fashion shows have always been a big thing at our house! I could almost do a fashion show ALBUM! These are great pix and your girls are beautiful!! Love those over the shoulder shots!


  8. Great photos. Love the fashion show! Very cool! Your girls are beautiful.

  9. They are just adorable! What fun 🙂

  10. Cute photos!! I love your banner, too, btw!!

  11. how adorable! great pictures to capture such a cute moment 🙂

  12. Oh what fun pics!! Too cute!

  13. Could anything BE any cuter!!!!

    Beautiful family and fun photos!!!


  14. little divas! lovely!

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