We got New Haircuts!

It was definately time. Meghan and Emma needed a haircut. Lately they have really been into old Mary Kate and Ashley movies and they both wanted a bob cut just like they had.
I was a little sad when Emma had a big chunk of her hair cut off. But it is a good thing because lately it has been so unruly and she just refuses for me to brush it .
The transformation on them both is astounding! I just can’t get over how different they look. I swear Emma looks even more sassy and Meghan looks older and more “tom boyish” .




8 Responses

  1. They look ADORABLE!!! 🙂

  2. Your girls grow more gorgeous every day!!

  3. emma and meghan look so sweet! Love the cute haircuts 🙂

  4. They both look absolutely adorable! And sassssssyyyy! I’ll say! Love the hair-cuts girls! You look “marvelous”!

  5. Such cute girls and great pics!

  6. they are adorable!!!


  7. What great pictures-especially of Meghan & Emma together. They sure are growing up. How did Daddy handle the new haircuts??

  8. They look adorable, Sara!

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