Field Trip with Emma!

On Tuesday I tagged along with Emma’s class on a field trip to Moritzburg. Just a little town about 20 mins from Dresden. We went to an outdoor wild animal park. We got to see goats,deer,moose,wolves,wild boars.. This was my first time ever seeing a real live wild boar. Boy are they ugly! And I kept thinking of lost! lol! Here are some pics that I took. I’m only posting the ones with Emma, since I dont’ want to post any of the children’s photos without their parents permission. Oh yes and one wild boar photo. They were pretty far away and I took the photos with my telephoto lense but without the tripod I still have a hard time getting the photo to look right.


Img_1949 Img_1965




3 Responses

  1. cool, looks like she had fun!

  2. Hi Sara,

    Wild boars may look ugly, but they are very tasty to eat! Siegfried, a cousin of mine, is a hunter and the last time we were in Germany, we enjoyed barbecued wild boar. Delicious!

  3. Interesting to see the wild boar. Love that smile on Emma. Reminds me of our trips to “the farm” in Richmond.

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