Love Notes


I came into my scraproom the other day and saw my Dymo sitting out. My heart melted when I saw it. All it said was “Hi Mommy” but I got so much more out of it.
It’s funny how such a small gesture can mean so much. How just knowing that Rebekah was thinking of me when she left that note meant the world to me. It was an instant smile and a bright light in my day.

My challenge for everyone reading this today is to brighten somebody else’s day. Leave a little love note for someone to find.


12 Responses

  1. That was so sweet! That’s a great challenge for everyone.


  2. That’s so sweet! 🙂 My sister sent me my dymo from the US and she did a similar thing. When I opened the package it said “Hi Franny!” It put such a smile on my face. A couple days ago my dh left me an I love you message on the chalkboard I made for our grocery list. Such a good feeling, I’ll try to find a way to do something unexpected for him 🙂

  3. That is so sweet, Sara!!! What a great challenge! 🙂

  4. oh sara!!!! i would have cried! that is just so sweet! can’t wait to see the layout you make about this memeory!

  5. How sweet is that? Great challenge.

  6. ooh I like this challenge I think I will do this to my DH later

  7. Awwwwwwwww, that is SO sweet!

  8. That’s so sweet.

  9. how sweet! what a fantastic challenge!

  10. Too sweet…you’ll scrap that photo and memory wont you????….

  11. This picture may make it into print when you scrap it. There is no end to our ways to communicate. We’ll try your challenge tomorrow!

  12. Leave a little love note
    Leave a little smile
    It can chase away a frown
    And replace it with a smile!

    Leave a little laughter
    Leave a trail of song
    When you spread the love around
    You just can’t go wrong!


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