More Meissen Pictures

We were there for maybe 20 minutes and I think I took about 50 some pictures!





7 Responses

  1. Great photos!!!

  2. Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. love the pics & the girls are getting SO BIG!! OMG! look at them!!

  4. Great to see the pictures of the girls. They look healthy again! The closeups were so cute. Glad there is some place that you can go to explore without paying! Emma looks cute in the toque that your Mom made.

  5. great photos, Sara! thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi…I haven’t blogged in ages, but I see that you’ve tagged me so that gives me a good excuse. thanks! I’ll make sure I get to it later on today…never been tagged before, so I’m feeling kinda special! LOL Miss ya!

  6. love those photos. the girl really are getting big, holy cow!

  7. Sara I love Meissen too. Isn’t it wonderful there? Hope it was a nice day for your family.

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