Staying home sick has it’s advantages!

Like being able to play with puppy! Love these photos I got this morning of Emma and Anna playing together. Poor Emma is home sick with scarlet fever but I think she is rather enjoying being able to stay in her pj’s, play without interruptions and watch whatever movie she wants!

Emmaandanna1 Sorry about the little blur. I’m trying to use my camera without the flash to enjoy all the natural lighting, but I guess I don’t always have a steady hand!



9 Responses

  1. sweet sweet pictures. and poor little peanut looks so swollen on her face. hope she gets feeling better.

  2. Those are so sweet – I hope she feels better soon poor thing 🙂

  3. Awww poor baby. The pictures are so adorable. Your dd is the cutest! Oh, and the pups pretty adorable too! I love the ones of her turning her head away from the puppies kisses! Too sweet!

  4. aww…those are adorable!!

  5. Sorry your little one is sick, hope she’s feeling better soon. The photos are precious. A little blur never hurt nothing.

  6. Hope she feels better soon! Those pics are the sweetest!!

  7. I LOVE these photos, Sara! Emma is so adorable, even with her rosy cheeks. I hope she is felling better soon! At least she is able to spend some time at home with just you and anna and her movies! 😉

  8. aww, the poor thing. i she’s feeling better. cute photos 🙂

  9. that’s a happy little girl for being sick! =) so much easier that way i bet. and is that a Cocker Spaniel i see there?! so partial to them–have one of my own. =)

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