Goodbye Christmas 2005

Yes it is time. Time to take down the Christmas tree and the decorations. It was our first Christmas without any family visiting,and our first Christmas in Germany. It was a sad and happy day. Bittersweet I guess you would say. But we made the most of it and we did have a nice, enjoyable and relaxing holiday which is what we desperately needed. Our first real break since the move.


Goodbye Christmas 2005.


8 Responses

  1. Nice picture! I also liked your puppy picture! =)

  2. Took my decorations down last weekend, its not fun. Are you military? I can relate to all the that moving around, did it for twenty years.

  3. very cool photo

  4. very nice….

  5. you’re ahead of me. i’m still dreading the thought of it!

  6. We had the same subject for our photos today!

  7. Love this photo, Sara! I need to get mine down, too! It’s so sad, though…

  8. Still need to get mine down too! Great shot.

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