Our New Addition!!!

We have great news! This weekend we added to our family!

On Dec. 10th we will be picking up our new puppy! I can’t wait! She’s an American Cocker-Spaniel. She is 9 weeks old right now and is sooo adorable! She was very calm and loved being petted. While most of the puppies were running around she kept coming to us and especially Meghan and Rebekah for lots of loving! She was the only blonde one and looks just like her Mommy. We met her Mommy and her Daddy and they were both very calm as well.
The next 2 weeks I’ll be getting our house ready and buying supplies for Anna. (that is what we decided to call her. The breeder has her named as Happy Harmonies but we like Anna)


This is Anna at 8 weeks.


8 Responses

  1. oh my, how adorable!! congrats on the new addition. she looks just like a dog i had as a kid, her name was freckles 🙂

  2. how sweet is that!!!

  3. oh she looks so adorable!!!


  4. AWE!! LOVE her, love her new name, fits her perfectly! how lucky the girls are!

  5. Oh, she’s so sweet!

  6. Aww…she’s SO cute!!

  7. That is a super uber cute pup!!

  8. omgoodness!! how sweet, how adorable! she is just too cute sara!

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