I’m going to try and start showing and talking about some of my favorite restaurants here in Dresden, Germany. Now that all three of my children are in school all day, i’m able to go out and explore the little joys of life. Like this little bistro. A new fave of mine, Weinhandlung. I’ve been there now about 4 times, it’s especially great because it’s really close to where I live. If I’m in the mood for soup, this is where I go. She creates each bowl fresh as you order it. The kitchen is right there and you can see her freshly chopping the ingrediants, adding the cream… it’s so delicious! The other day I had some soup, I forget what she called it, but it was cream based with zucchini and prosciotto ( not sure if that’s spelled right, but it’s a type of very thin meat) It was amazing. On the side I usually get this rosamary and ham toasted sandwich. Delicious! A wonderful lunch.






10 Responses

  1. that soup sounds soooo delicious! I’m loving the photos…makes me want to come for a visit! have you found a Starbucks yet?

  2. Oh this looks so nice Daphne! I would only go in because the outside is so pretty!


  3. sounds so yummy & what a nice retreat! love the arcitecture!

  4. I love the architecture of the building. How fun for you to be able to gou out and explore!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. what a beautiful place to just hang out!! I love the architecture! I bet you are finding lots of wonerful inspiration everywhere!

  6. Looks like a GREAT place.

  7. Very cool!! Wish we had places like that here. I look forward to seeing your favorite places.

  8. What a beautiful building!
    Sounds like a neat little place!

  9. oh sara. i am just so happy for you!!!!

  10. These places look really interesting – looking forward to seeing them. By the time we come you’ll have lots on the list! How is the coffee? Don’t think that you could ever taste all the varieties of beer.

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