Anderson Family Reunion

I’m really behind on my posts- but thought I’d backtrack to the summer and get all caught up with everyone. This summer back in Powassan,Ontario our bi-annual reunion was held. I’ve yet to miss one and hope that I never do. I’ve always enjoyed going to it and have great memories of when I was child at the reunions. I hope that my children will have the same memories. The Anderson’s are from my Mother’s side. I’m in the process of reading about our ancestry that came from Ireland. It’s quite interesting. I was happy to see everyone. It had been a year since I’ve seen my brother and his family, my grandmother, and my Father. My Uncle from Edmonton also came out whom I hadn’t seen since my wedding 5 years ago and he also brought his son who we got to meet for the first time. It was an all weekend event with allot of socializing, reminiscing and good times.





That last photo was taken from our Shield Family reunion held the next day. I guess you could call the Shields a sub-section of the Anderson clan! Like I said, I’m in the process of reading a bit of our history so I can understand this all a little better.


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  1. please tell me what is in your little sweet girls mouths? lol

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