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Think back to your childhood

Was there something in your childhood that you used to love to do but don’t do anymore? What would you do to get that genuine feeling of childhood joy back? I was thinking of this a couple weeks ago and remebered how athletic I was and how I loved it. What happened? Why was I no longer athletic? I know that once I went to high school, I got involved in so many things that didn’t leave time for athletics. I was a drama major and music minor, and the majority of the people that I hung out did not do sports! So I left it behind and really haven’t gotten back to it since. Until I started thinking about it and realized that if I loved it then and it made me happy, gave me such a feeling of freedom, then why couldn’t I feel that again? So I have taken up running again. I’m doing a beginners training for a 10 K race. It’s definately hard work, but I’m loving it. Once I start getting into the groove, and forget what I look like running, or how tired I feel, a feeling of competiveness and freedom come over me. It’s just me, my IPOD and the treadmill. I would like to start running outside but it’s to hot here in the summer, plus there’s nothing but streets here and really pavement is the worst thing for your knees, especially when you already have problems with them.So far I am on my second week, I know it’s not much, but I do feel like I can keep this up. And a sense of accomplishement is there. Almost like a sense of childhood essense.


5 Responses

  1. Are your girls home yet?

    I know how you feel with missing them when they are away from home!


  2. Thena they’ll be with their grandparents until August some time. Their grandparents live in Canada, and we’re here in Virginia getting our house ready to move to Germany. So many things to do- so the girls will stay with their grandparents, enjoy a good Canadian summer, until we’re ready to move. It’s long and hard for us but they are having a wonderful time.

  3. Good luck with the running, Sara! I wish I could do the same…and stick with it. I love your new blog look…awesome! And a beautiful photo of you as well!

  4. you’re doing great w/ the running Sara. keep up the good work. i know what you mean, i was into all sorts of sports & used to go to the gym on a regular basis! i do miss it. maybe one day i’ll get back into the swing of things!

  5. I’m so proud of you, Sara! Keep it up! I wish you lived near by, we could run together! 😀

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