April 7th

Well I’m slowly learning how to do things on here. I’ve addes some pictures from our Florida trip. I still have more to add if you can believe that! I took a ton  of pictures! But what else would you expect from a scrapbooker?

Went to the gym today- that’s 3 days in row for me. So far so good. The South Beach diet though isn’t going all that great. I’m lacking energy and wanting to eat everything in sight! Figures! LOL! What I need to do is come up with a plan so I’m constantly doing something to keep my mind of things. But since today was National No Housework day- I figured I’d better do my part in celebrating the holiday! Heeheehee!

Meghan and I seem to be having a hard time keeping the motivation up with our homeschooling. She did do some reading today, but we haven’t worked on our Spring unit at all. This is our first week back though and I’ve had a ton of things to work on and Meghan and Emma have been so happy to just play with their toys and play pretend. It’s nice to be able to let them enjoy this time in their lives and not force anything onto them.

Time for a coffee I think and take the girls outside before it rains!


One Response

  1. Spring is horrid for us homeschoolers! Adam’s had the worst time keeping motivated, too. I think it’s the weather – the best thing to do I’ve found is just take a more relaxed pace and live with the spring fever. 🙂

    Thankfully just a few more weeks of school!

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